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Test Your Grammer Level

Englishaunt.com-Grammar Level Test

English Grammer Test-Test Your Grammar Skills

  1. How did this ________ broken?

  2. Winters there ________ be really cold sometimes

  3. I ________ been hit by a car, but luckily I just managed to get out of the way

  4. That wasn't a good idea - you ________ thought about it more carefully

  5. I've already called her four times ________

  6. I ________ to Germany last year

  7. If he ________ one minute later, he ________ the train

  8. Let's go to the cinema.- Great idea! What film ________ we watch?

  9. I'm busy on Friday, so I ________ come

  10. Put ________ bag on ________ table, then give me ________ apple and ________ bar of chocolate

  11. How long have they ________ there?

  12. This house is ________, but also ________

  13. By next month I ________ all my exams, and I can relax!

  14. The film ________ by Quentin Tarantino

  15. But they ________be away - I saw them this morning!

  16. She's wearing a ________ dress

  17. ________ spent time abroad when I was a student, I found it easier to get used to ________ in another country

  18. I ________ like getting up early

  19. Whose bag is this? It's ________

  20. Your Favorite Website For Learning English Is ________

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