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In this article, I am sharing my thoughts related to learning Spoken English, this is my personal view and you can be completely dissatisfied with it, but I would be happy if some people benefit from it.

Friends, learning to speak English in our country is a big business. Especially in small cities it has some craze. You'll find places related to English Speaking related ads, "Learn to Speak English in 90 Hours,", "Join for Sprint English"
But are these schools really so effective? Probably not! Because they already set wrong expectation! It is very difficult to speak a language easily with just 90 hours of learning. Yes, it may be that by going there some days you should be a little more fluent than before, but there are few people who can truly credit the ability of speaking English to such a school. If you are already well If you speak English and then go to such a place, it can be beneficial for you, otherwise it would be better for you to go with this mindset that you can start a school by going to such a school. After leaving A still need to be fitted with full dedication long time.

So first of all, I share some myths related to speaking English with you

To speak English, the grammar should come well: This is a very big myth, you only think that when you learned to speak Hindi, did you know about nouns, pronouns, etc.? Did not know, because he did not need it, he just learned from you by looking at others. In the same way, Grammar's knowledge is not necessary for speaking English. Due to good education from English Medium school, I speak good English, but if you take a test of my tenses then it will be difficult for me to have it.

In a few days English can be learned to say: wrong! It takes time to learn any language other than your own language. How long will it take this person to person to differ? But I believe that if someone already knows a little earlier and if he is able to make a dedication then he can learn to speak good English in 6 months. And if you are learning then do not learn to work, learn good English.

To speak English, it is important to have good vocabulary: No, as good as the vocabulary is good, but generally the common words spoken in the spoken move, you will know already or by little effort you will know them. Actually, the words we know are just the place to place them in the right place. I have often seen people crying from one to one hard words, but doing so puts your energy in a place where it is not necessary to apply at this time.

If you believe any myth given above, then get rid of them now, and follow the suggestions given below for learning spoken English.

12 Ideas to Learn Spoken English

1. Make your environment English: 

One thing which is most important in learning any language is our environment, our environment. After all, how do we utter our native language at the very young age? Because 24X7 we live in an environment where the same language is spoken, read, and heard. That's why learning English is the right way, we should make our environment as English as possible. For this, you can do something like this:

Start reading English Newspaper instead of native language newspaper
Listen to English songs in place of Hindi songs.
Check out the English program / movies of your interest.
Make your room as much as you can make English ... .English posters, Hollywood actors, English books, Cds.

2. Create groups with people who want to learn Spoken English like you:

Find some friends who want to learn to speak English as you do. If there is someone in your house then then it is even better. But if not, then find such people, and the closer you are to your home, the better. Talk to such friends more and more just in English. Yes, you can do the same thing on mobile too.

3. Make a mentor:

Make a mentor to someone who knows good English, a friend of yours, a relative of you, a neighbor, an English-learning institute ... Anyone who is ready to help you. You have to get the help you can get from your mentor. If you do not get a mentor, you do not even need to be dissatisfied. You are engaged in your efforts, your work will be easier to get a mentor, but even if you do not, you can learn this language with your efforts.

 4. Do not try to speak correct English from day one:

If you do this then you will be stuck in the same thing that you are right or wrong. First one-two months without any tension that came in your mouth, do not think that you are grammatically correct or not. It is important that you slowly erase your hesitation.

5. Learning Alert for English:

While I credit my spoken English to my school, St.Paul's, I also learned a lot because of my alertness for English. When I used to watch an English program on TV, I used to pay attention to how words were being spoken, and how some words were being used in sentence. Apart from this, I also created a diary to learn new words in which I used to write the words which I did not understand when writing a newspaper, and it used to be used as a sentence, it would have been easier to remember the meaning of the word.

6. By reading: 

Every day you read an article or story in English alone or in a loud voice in your group. By speaking and reading, your pronunciation will be corrected, and confidence will also increase in speaking.

 7. Use the mirror:

I knew English, but there was lack of fluency in me, to fix it, I often stood in front of the mirror alone and used to speak English. And even if I have to give a presentation or interview, then I prepare myself by practicing one or two in front of the mirror. You also use the mirror present in your home to improve your spoken English. The biggest advantage of speaking in front of the mirror is that you will not have any hesitation and you will be able to improve yourself.

8. Enjoy the process:

Learn to speak English as a enjoyment, do not burden it yourself. Stay ahead with the speed that is comfortable for you. But this does not mean that you reduce your efforts completely, but when you enjoy it, your efforts will increase even in this direction. You also think that when you start speaking fluently, your confidence will increase and you will start moving towards success.

 9. Start thinking in English:

When a person thinks something in the mind, naturally he thinks in his own language only. But since you are committed to learning English, think in your mind what you think in English. Be sure to know that these small things will allow you to reach your destination faster.

10. Read things that are easy to understand:

The children's English comics can help you, pictures given will help you understand the story and the simple sentence formation will also make you catch on the spoken words in general speaking.

11. Use Internet: You can use the internet to learn Spoken English.

Available videos on You Tube can be of great help. You can use TheFreeDictionary.Com for correct pronunciation and meaning.

12. Relax the interest:

Most of the time, people start learning English with big enthusiasm. They do most things that I mentioned above, but the problem comes that everyone wants to go to their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is Hindi, so you will pull it back again a few days later and your environment will support the same. So you have to show some courage here, keep your interest in your enthusiasm. For this, you add a little innovation to your activities related to English. For example: If you get bored of talking everyday on everyday topics, talk on an abstract topic, or film spice, go to an English movie, or do something else that comes to your mind. You can also take a break for a couple of days, and with renewed enthusiasm, you can get on your mission again. But do some or anything else to keep your interest. Otherwise your entire work will go waste.

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