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Test Your Grammer Level

Englishaunt.com-Grammar Level Test

English Grammer Test-Test Your Grammar Skills

  1. That smells good! What ________

  2. He ________ ever works as ________ as he should

  3. He drives quite ________, but his brother drives really ________

  4. I spend too much time ________. I'd like ________ more time for myself and my family.

  5. She ________ have short hair, but now it's long

  6. Where ________ they from?

  7. If I had more time, I ________ do more exercise

  8. She ________ in a small house near the park

  9. I don't know where she is. I suppose she ________ got stuck in traffic.

  10. I'd love to ________ in the 19th Century

  11. She's from ________, so she speaks ________

  12. Do you think it's ________ rain tomorrow?

  13. I'll send it to you ________ I get the money

  14. Could you tell me ________?

  15. Take a sandwich with you ________ you get hungry later

  16. I wish he ________ so rude to people when we go out

  17. Where ________ he work?

  18. It was the first time he ________ anything so spicy

  19. I drink coffee ________

  20. I wouldn't say that to him if I ________ you

  21. Your favorite website for learning english is ________

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